The Last Resort, Aldgate

Found in an old copy of Glaswegian skinzine, Spy Kids (#3, 1985): a pisstake on advertisement sheets from the famous East End clobber store, The Last Resort.


Compare and contrast with the original:

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‘The Story of Oi! A View from the Dead End of the Street’ PDF

oi view dead end street

Published in 1981, this book by punk poet Garry Johnson – who can be heard on some of Gary Bushell’s ‘Oi!’ albums – has long been out of print. Even the 2008 reissue is selling for 100 quid on Amazon now. To be honest, it isn’t worth this kind of money. Continue reading

Of charities and East End badoes

east end badoes
East End Badoes

I’m in two minds about charity. On the one hand, it offers direct help for people in dire need. On the other, there should be no need for charity in the first place. In a sense, the fact that charity picks up some of the pieces helps to keep those who do the devastating in business.

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