Brutus 1966 NevaPress are here

perfectmoToday’s the day Brutus are reissuing their own version of the iconic Sta Prest trousers. As the company website states, Brutus NevaPress were “originally released in 1966”.


This is welcome news for two reasons Continue reading


Komintern Sect: D’un meme voix


With their new album, the first in almost 30 years, Komintern Sect prove they’ve still got it. It’s like they’ve never been away. Powerful, fist in the air Oi anthems that will have all the skins and punks singing along…

Ah, fuck it. Contra Records ignored my request for a review copy, probably because they consider my blog too unimportant. That’s ok – this way, I don’t feel tempted to churn out a bland promo text in the hope of earning myself more freebies. Less industry ties equal healthier critical faculties. Continue reading