Brutus 1966 NevaPress are here

perfectmoToday’s the day Brutus are reissuing their own version of the iconic Sta Prest trousers. As the company website states, Brutus NevaPress were “originally released in 1966”.


This is welcome news for two reasons. For one, the off white colour seen in the photo looks much better than the ‘Italian waiter white’ available from Mikkel Rude (no offence to Italian waiters following the blog).

Secondly, Brutus NevaPress will be available in various lengths – quite unlike Relco and Warrior sta prest, which come in just one standard length and tend to be a bit short for tall guys such as myself.

What’s more, Warrior and Relco, though supposedly all ending at 31 in inseam, actually vary somewhat. My navy pair of Warrior sta prest is about 30.5 in long, while my dogtooth pair from the same company ends at a more reasonable 31.5 in.

I ordered a beige pair of Relco sta prest that barely measured 30 in, which meant I had to return it. Alas, with some things in life, every inch matters.

Let’s hope the quality matches the price. If they hold that crease, they might just be perfect.




4 thoughts on “Brutus 1966 NevaPress are here

    • Thanks for the info. Yeah, I was wondering if you had to ‘size up’ with these, as you do with Jump the Gun, Warrior, and Relco Sta Prest. I’m in the same boat as you: my normal waist/jeans waist is 32, but my ‘sta prest waist’ is 34.

      I was going to ask Brutus about it before ordering, but amazingly enough they seem so clued up they just sent you the right size!

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