The Bovver Boot #2, 1986


It’s no secret that the British ‘sussed skin’ movement of the 1980s is one of several sources of inspiration for this blog. Although we ultimately want to do our own thing rather than imitate, the combination of sharp style and smart politics is still an excellent starting point. Continue reading


Girls boycott club over ‘Skinheads’ ban

196x skinhead girls

Find below a little tale of solidarity between female teenagers in Dublin, originally published in the Sunday Independent (Ireland) on 19 April 1970 and transcribed especially for you.

Two things jump out: firstly, the girls’ overnight transition from ‘weirdo’ (hippie) to skinhead and their continued friendship with hairies. This is somewhat at odds with the accepted notion of ‘working class skinheads’ versus ‘middle class hippies’. Continue reading

The Last Resort live at The Pipeline, 2 April 2016


Once upon a time, the mainstream media demonised The Last Resort as the ultimate violent hooligan outfit, and their live shows were depicted as cesspits of mindless thuggery. In hindsight, you were probably just as likely to encounter tribal aggro and booze-fuelled scuffles, say, at a Crass or Discharge gig. At a time when Thatcher’s policies relegated hundreds of thousands to the scrapheap, working class youths had to assert themselves somehow.

Of course, that’s not what you expect to see at an average Oi gig today. Continue reading