Until the bitter end: The story of Daily Terror and Pedder Teumer


Aside from die-hard fans of old-school punk from the continent, few readers will have heard of Daily Terror. Yet in Germany in the 1980s and beyond, they were an important punk band turned skinhead – and although some Oi bands were better known, Daily Terror were arguably the best the country had produced.

Truth be told, it’s hard for me to be objective, seeing as the matter is to a certain extent personal. I’m from a mixed background and have spent some of my formative years in Germany. Daily Terror were the first Oi band I watched as a young teenager, and they were playing live on stage when I kissed a girl for the first time… Years later, in 2010, I smoked my last cigarette the day I learned their vocalist Pedder Teumer had died of lung cancer.

To write about Daily Terror means to write mainly about Pedder, who pushed the band into skinhead territory and was its sole consistent member. As we will see, he later distanced himself from some controversial aspects of his skinhead years. Did he do it out of genuine regret? Or was it because times had changed, and he wanted a relatively quiet career in the punk rock industry?

I’ll approach the matter in my usual way: firstly, no censorship – unlike many anti-fascists, I don’t believe that suppressing speech (‘no-platforming’) is the best way to counter bad ideas. Secondly, no self-censorship for the sake of ‘keeping politics out of it’: I’ll tell you as honestly as possible what I make of it all.

Part 1 – The punk years 1979-83

Part 2 – Transformation

Part 3 – Emotion, toughness and alcohol

Part 4 – On a forelorn mission

Part 5 – coming soon

Text: Crombieboy

Pedder Teumer (right) at the Bambule squat in Braunschweig, early 1980s

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