If you’ve watched Chasseurs des skins you’ll remember the so-called redskins from Paris, who liked to sport hammers and sickles, but whose vaguely libertarian politics didn’t really extend beyond anti-fascism. Elsewhere, though, there were those who took the ‘red’ in redskin a great deal more seriously. For instance, Ugly – co-founder of the Red Guards, a hardline Hoxhaite (pro-Albania Marxist-Leninist) skinhead youth league in 1980s West Berlin. 

Matt Crombieboy spoke to the chap who also co-founded the legendary Skintonic zine.

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Click image for Trotskyist League anti-redskin article


  1. I cant remember that I ever read that Ugly was a Redskin,never heard of the Red Guards and i have a lot of Zines…but perhaps i forget it.But in school a teacher gave me(us)the book “Krieg in den Städten”,he also gave me later a newspaper with a Dr.Martens Story.SHARP was good,but Redskins,specially in Berlin is a little bit stupid for me,why they didnt gone to East-Berlin?And Pro Albania…no words!

    Also funny to read that the Skin Up guy became a Skin with 30 years(a joke for me).But most people want to now what hethey did with the money when Skin Up ended(a lot of people send money for Abos like myself).Also another guy from SKIN UP ended later in the NPD(Nazi Party).Berlin guys are a little bit crazy i think…

    For KDF-i read the first singer was British and a Punk before-it was also written that the pure Punk Label Mülleimer Records wanted to release their first stuff.Also they sayed they had the name from the Strength thru OI Compilation.UHL wrote that Pole(or another guy from them)had the biggest SKA Collection at this time,he only listened to SKA and German Military Marches UHL wrote.
    The Song about Soldiers that UGLY mean was an old Hit https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-ballads-of-the-green-berets-mw0000866307 they had some real funny songs,and one song was about wannabee Nazis or something(you want to be a Soldier of the Führer but you are only a little fat pig).You must ask the Band what they really mean.

    About Angelic Upstarts and the Concert.Mensi sayed in an Interview that he became angry when the Organisator later at night sayed that they had trouble with foreigners and so on…

    Cant remember that Red London and Alert was called Redskins-but ofcourse Leftwing.

    ps:When I heard first time about Redskins a friend told me that they are only against Nazis.At this time there was no internet,no scene,no zines i town.He must have this from a friend who read it in the newspaper.A Metal Fan thinked it was written RATskins haha…

    here you can see some Berlin SHARPS


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