Letter: A Crombie Can Get You Arrested

A reader’s letter in response to our old article on crombies has just reached us. We’d like to thank Dave from Liverpool for his anecdote:

“Thanks for the fascinating article.

My first crombie was made to measure from Burtons in early 1971. Just turned 15 and paid my Mum back 10 bob a week from my window cleaning round.

I went to the Spurs v Liverpool game in September that year and as I was walking to the ground, a police van pulled up and dragged me into it. I was taken to the local station and accused of nicking a load of off the peg crombies from the local Burtons, along with a gang of other Scousers. I protested my genuine innocence and about half an hour later, all these older Scouse lads were brought into the station. I’d never seen them before. I told the police that mine was made to measure and from Liverpool, but they didn’t believe me. I was only believed when a Burtons employee came to the station to verify the crombies came from his shop and he spotted a tag in my inside jacket pocket with initials. That confirmed if wasn’t from his shop and it was indeed, made to measure. I then started getting cocky and gave the police some verbals, which resulted in me getting a few smacks around the head and being literally booted out of the police station. Got to White Hart Lane with 10 minutes of the match remaining and the game ended 2-0 for Spurs.

The away game at Newcastle was also a disaster, but that’s another story, unrelated to crombies.

Happy Days LOL!

Cheers, Dave”

Picture: Spurs supporters in 1970

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