Brutus Nevapress revisited

A year ago, I announced the reissue of the ‘iconic’ 1966 Brutus NevaPress on this blog, concluding, “If they hold that crease, they might just be perfect”. Now that I’ve owned a pair of navy Brutus NevaPress for a year, it is high time I pass a verdict.

My trousers came in a very neat shade of navy, and the quality of the material seemed decent enough. 70% polyester and 30% cotton – probably no different from the much lower-priced Warrior or Relco trousers, but somehow, they seemed sturdier and more solidly finished, leaving a good first impression. Continue reading


Crown Court + Grade 2 +Arch Rivals + Gundog @ Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden, 9 Jan 2016


It seems like every other skinhead event is presented by a clothing company these days, and this was Brutus’s turn. The brand managed to assemble a fine Oi! line-up to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Continue reading