Craic in Cork: The Jollars

Hailing from the glorious streets of Cork (via Southampton – yuck!) come these streetwise bucks, The Jollars. They play beautiful melodic Oi in the vain of Vanilla Muffins, Guttersnipe and Runnin’ Riot.

Their new album Half Cut features brilliantly apt observational tunes, some spot-on rants against racist dildos, and songs about drinking. Continue reading


Girls boycott club over ‘Skinheads’ ban

196x skinhead girls

Find below a little tale of solidarity among female teenagers in Dublin, originally published in the Sunday Independent (Ireland) on 19 April 1970 and transcribed especially for you.

Two things jump out at me: firstly, the girls’ overnight transition from ‘weirdo’ (hippie) to skinhead, and their continued friendship with hairies. This is somewhat at odds with the accepted notion of ‘working class skinheads’ versus ‘middle class hippies’. Continue reading