North East End’s All Around – The Scotswood Aggro Boys

“If we could persuade the youngsters concerned that they’re doing themselves an injury, in the sense that if they have convictions like this as they grow older, they’re to be ostracised by society. Because whether they like it or not, society is as it is and whether they change it, it will still remain that somebody has got to walk about the streets safely.”

1971 newcastle_suedes_6
Cherry red DMs with red socks: Scotswood Aggro Boys

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Skinheads & Cherry Reds

1969 rolling stone

Let’s kick off with a 16 July 1969 article about a bunch of Somers Town skinhead kids, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine and transcribed by persons unknown. Here, the usual tales of bovver, aggro, and tribal warfare are interspersed with obscure stylistic references to “spade haircuts”, “Cherry Boots with steel toe caps and a yellow trimming” – supposedly not Dr Martens – and “Stomper boots” with “high backs, big steel toe cap, and everything”. Note also that the article claims boots were “still worn” with mohair suits on the weekends, albeit highly polished – a combination whose existence many 1969 veterans steadfastly deny. Continue reading


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